Strength and Conditioning
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Workout Videos
Wall Ball

Functional explosive upper body variation. Don’t squat too much and brace the core. Control the catch and protect the lower back.

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Bent-Over Rows

Landmine variation. Control core and keep the back straight. Pull using lats.

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Hammer Curls

Plate variation. Brace the core and keep the shoulder blade retracted

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Landmine V-up

V-up variation. Control with legs just off the floor. Protect the lower back by using hip tilt and brace the core.

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Landmine oblique twists

Squeeze bum and rotate through the torso. Protect the lower back and do not drive the hip forward.

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Reverse fly

Bent over dumbbell variation. Deadlift position with the bum out and core braces. Do not shrug but fly keeping elbows tucked and squeezing the shoulder blades.

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Progressive explosive push-ups

Brace the core and time the pop. Land soft as to avoid injuring the wrist.

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