To educate about the human body in all its FUNCTIONS and how to optimize it based on sound anatomical and physiological research.
It’s a science and we want to make it attainable for all.


Unique methods and programs relying on all fitness principles such as yoga, pilates, and HIIT. Assessing the individual and tailoring these principles to optimize the biomechanical function of that individual no matter who or what.


Core and Functional training programs that ensure growth and progress through a progressive implementation of various training methods. Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, yoga, calisthenics and CROSS TRAINING.

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About WTF

It’s important to understand that health is the end goal and many spheres are attached to the ideal health state. Wellness is what we are about, yes the physical is our specialty however mental wellness, occupational wellness, spiritual wellness, relationships are all a part of the end goal. We aim to assist you on your journey to ultimate wellness. We love doing workshops to educate and assist in these areas and always link a healthy training program as the Anker of this health and wellness goal. It is a lifestyle and with us, we make family and build community, not a pop-up trend or quick fix one size fits all moto. We believe pursue and achieve to be fitter faster and stronger through a holistic and scientific approach.

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